What will life be without inventions such as food processors? Gone are the days when people spend ridiculous hours trying to get things chopped smoothly for cooking, thereby taking up priceless time that could have been spent organizing other things or even preparing out the final dish. Just imagine how many food recipes would have been useless to people today if there were no food processors. I bet a hand full of recipes will not even make it into my yearly choice if did not have one of the best food processors.
What about those delicious smoothies that are made every morning? They all come to play by just switching on a device in your kitchen after loading it with whatever you want blended or chopped. A food processor is something everyone should have shelved up somewhere in their kitchen. We are going to make sure you never have to face any difficulties during a purchase by providing you with a line-up of the best food processor reviews.

What Exactly Are These Food Processors?
A food processor is a machine which carries out the duty of helping with kitchen chores such as chopping, cutting, shredding, slicing, and blending. The best food processors should be able to do all these with absolute flawlessness and perfection. They hold a lot of similarities with a regular blender, but they perform more functions than a blender. A blender is created to handle food and ingredients that have been moderated with water. This means that it will have very limited output or productivity when handling dry ingredients which do not have any liquid base in it. But a food processor works well for both liquid and dryer substances, and some of the best food processors are capable of even kneading up dough used in making pastries. They are flexible and have all round use. There are different kinds of food processors out there, and our product guide shows you the best food processor reviews you can find. Let us take a look at the food processors which have ranked high in our selection process and have undoubtedly been proven to do excellent jobs.

Top Rated 10 Best Food Processor 2017

Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Food ProcessorPlastic3 Cup3 pounds$$$
KitchenAid 7-Cup Food ProcessorPolycarbonate7-Cup8.1 lbs$$
Cuisinart Elite Collection 2.0 Food ProcessorAluminum14-Cup20 pounds$$$
Breville All In One Processing StationStainless SteelAll in One5.8 pounds$$$$
Cuisinart Pro Classic 7-Cup Food ProcessorPlastic7_cup14.9 pounds $$
Cuisinart Elemental 8-Cup Food ProcessorPlastic8 Cup6 pounds$$$$
Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food ProcessorPlastic10 Cup7 pounds$$$
Cuisinart Elite Collection 12-Cup Food ProcessorStainless Steel12 Cup20 pounds$$
BRAUN Food Processor With Coarse Slicing Insert Blade Bundlen/aAll in One6 pounds$$$
Breville Sous Chef Food ProcessorPlastic14 Cup15.5 pounds$$$$

1. Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor

Cuisinart is a renowned manufacturer of kitchen appliances that has dominated the market for long. One of their best food processors is the Cuisinart DLC-2ABC mini processor. This is a mini food processor that has a 3-cup plastic work bowl and is reasonably priced under $40. This amazing mini food processor has incredible features that you would want on any high-end processor.

The process has intriguing measurements at 9.8 by 8.2 by 5.6 inches and can fit perfectly in your kitchen cabins. Moreover, it’s perfectly lightweight at 3lbs. externally, the processor is made of a hard plastic material with parts which are BPA-free and dishwasher friendly. This brushed chrome model is elegant and matches any kitchen interior décor.

The handle on the container makes it easy to transfer food and the two holes on the lid help you add liquid without stopping the processor. The auto-reversing smart power blade is a stand out feature which is really attractive. The sharp blades are designed for 2 powerful processing options; clockwise for chopping and reverse for working on cheese and other hard foodstuff. With the support of the 250-Watts, the processor is able to deliver food with the right consistency. The touch pad control makes it easy to grind or chop any food. The flip side of this processor is its noise level which is very high especially when chopping.

  • Powerful 250-watts motor
  • Cheap
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • High noise level
  • The holes in its lid are not sealable.
  • 2. KitchenAid KFP0722ER 7-Cup Food Processor

    KitchenAid KFP0722ER 7-Cup Food Processor

    Are you in the market for a new mini food processor to simplify your food preparation? Then one of the best food processor to look into is the KitchenAid KFP0722ER. Though small this appliance works wonders in the kitchen.

    This processor utilizes the exact slice system with adjustable lever technology for effortless slicing pureeing, and chopping of ingredients. This cutting technology delivers a precise slicing accuracy that helps you prepare all food to the desired consistency. The easy push buttons make it easy to switch between pulse, low, and high speeds when processing food.

    Another fascinating feature is the 2-in-1 feed tube makes processing easy since you do not have to cut your ingredients into small pieces. The tubes make it easy to shred and chop any food of your choice from cheese, red onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, to carrots. The 2-piece food pusher enables you to safely guide the ingredients into the bowl for the cutting disc to work on them.

    With the ultra-tight seal technology, this food processor doesn’t spill any food content. This patented technology makes it easy to fill the work bowl and process the ingredients without spilling or leaving your kitchen messy. The leak resistant ring locks everything in the work bowl for secure processing. The heavy-duty polycarbonate base is sturdy enough to ensure the processor remains firmly rooted on the surface.

    Overall this mini food processor is designed with your health in mind. It’s also highly durable and very easy to use.

    • Offer precise accurate slicing control.
    • User-friendly speed buttons
    • Intuitive design
    • Doesn’t spill food contents
  • A bit loud
  • 3. Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite Collection 2.0 14-Cup Food Processor

    Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite Collection 2.0 14-Cup Food Processor

    If you are looking for a versatile and powerful food processor, this processor is worthy a vigorous consideration. The Cuisinart FP-14DCN elite collection is one of the best processors you will find on the market barring the commercial ones. For this reason, it’s highly priced but the cost is truly justified by its excellent features. The processor has an attractive design and it look nice when sitting in your kitchen

    One of its fascinating features in the powerful 1300-watt motor. This motor allows for quick and convenient food processing without the worry of blades getting stuck. To keep up with its quick processing the feed chute is designed to be wide to help you to guide all your ingredients into the work bowl without any pre-chopping. The pusher has a hole where you add oil or any other liquid without processing the machine.

    The SealTight lid system enables the lid to fit tightly thereby preventing leakage. The lid has a gasket which is a tight seal to prevent leakages when processing liquid foods. It also comes with small and large stainless steel mixing/chopping blades which feature the exclusive bladelock system.  The retractable cord system is another attractive feature worth mentioning. This system keeps the cord hidden thereby preventing possible damage.

    • Powerful 1300-watts motor
    • Exclusively patented SealTight system.
    • 20-year motor warranty
    • Reasonably priced
  • Does not puree ingredients perfectly
  • 4. Breville BSB530XL the All In One Processing Station

    Breville BSB530XL the All In One Processing Station

    The Breville BSB530XL all-in-one workstation is the perfect kitchen appliance that can perform the function of an electric whisk, food processor, electric masher, and immersion blender. This appliance gives you the freedom to chop, mash, blend, whisk, puree, and slice your ingredients by the different attachments provided and the powerful 280-watt motor.

    The appliance has an incredible anti-suction blending technology that helps you to keep the blending in control thereby delivering the desired consistency with fewer messes. This aided by the 6-cup processing bowl and the variable slicing disc, S-shaped blade, and reversible shredding disc for reduced processing time. The processor also includes a blade for crushing ice. The slicing disc has 19 thickness settings which range from 0.5mm to 6mm. its mashing leg can be twist-adjusted to create either coarse, medium, or fine mash texture. The 8” blending leg has a non-scratch base which makes it easy to puree and blend food to perfection without damaging your pans and pots. This one the best food processor to have in your kitchen.

    For increased stability, this processor features an ergonomic control grip which adds a soft touch finish to the control. The processor has a revolutionary bell-shaped base which when combined with the internal ribbing helps reduce suction for greater efficiency and better control.  Another fascinating feature of this blender is the adjustable speed control which has 15-speed settings that make blending and processing precisely easy.

    • 15-speed settings
    • Anti-suction blending technology
    • Detachable control grip
    • Reasonable priced
  • Poor plastic material for the bowl.
  • 5. Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro Classic 7-Cup Food Processor

    Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro Classic 7-Cup Food Processor

    The Cuisinart DLC-10S Pro is a classic food processor designed for medium-duty category. Of you are looking for a convenient step from those basic food choppers then this is the way to go. This appliance is reasonably priced and comes with nice high-end processor like features making it the best food processor in its category.

    The 7-cup capacity is regarded as the medium size which is perfect for most of your preparation. The work bowl is big enough to help you prepare meals for the whole family or individual servings. The expertly engineered bowl lets you chop vegetables and meat, mince garlic, puree soup, or slice potatoes at your own convenience. There two feed chutes: the extra-large feed chute makes it easy to guide whole fruits and a wide variety of vegetables into the work bowl, whereas the smaller feed chute inset helps you handle the smaller ingredients.

    At 7 by 11.25 by 13.75 inches in dimension the processor will fit into any for your kitchen cabinets without any issue. The processor can also be easily disassembled for convenient storage. The processor is also lightweight and can be carried around easily.

    The processor is powered by 600watts heavy-duty motor that operates quietly even when operating on heavy tasks like kneading dough. Also, the stainless steel cutting disc is multi functional and stays sharp to aid precise shredding, chopping, mixing, dough kneading, and slicing.

    • Single paddle control
    • Very quiet
    • Dishwasher safe removable parts.
  • Has one speed
  • Tricky to assemble the unit
  • 6. Cuisinart FP-8SV Elemental 8-Cup Food Processor

    Cuisinart FP-8SV Elemental 8-Cup Food Processor

    The Cuisinart FP-8SV elemental is designed to handle both small and big jobs. The processor is made by one of the best manufacturers in the industry and features many convenient features. Its brushed chrome exterior makes it look attractive, though the exterior is not metal the hard plastic makes it high durable.

    The 350-watts motor of this professional-quality processor enables it to complete numerous kitchen tasks at incredible convenience. It powers the processor to easily slice foods and provided you stick to 2.5cup per batch, the processor is amazing at kneading dough.

    Being one of the best food processors in the market it features an 8-cup work bowl which is BPA-free and dishwasher friendly. The bowl also features measurement marking on its side for accuracy when processing your food. The reversible slicing and shredding disc makes the processor incredible versatile in mixing or chopping ingredients. The processor also comes with a variety of attachments and blades (for chopping, mixing, and kneading dough) that enables you to achieve the desired texture of the ingredients.

    The mini food processor features four rubberized buttons (pulse, low, high, and off) which make operations very easy. Cleaning this processor is a breeze thanks to the dishwasher safe work bowl, however, the center post is not removable and the only part you clean with your hands.

    • Easy to use
    • Dishwasher friendly bowl
    • Reasonably priced
  • High noise levels
  • 7. Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor

    Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor

    Are you an occasional user? Then the Hamilton Beach 10-cup processor 70670 is the best food processor you. This processor is lightweight (at 7lbs) hence easy to move around and is perfect for light to medium tasks. With its 7.84 by 9.72 by 15.12 inches dimension, the processor can conveniently fit into your kitchen cabinets. This helps to free up some kitchen space and add an elegant touch to your kitchen. Additionally, its compact storage is enhanced by the internal cord space and the blades which fit perfect into the working bowl.

    This processor is power by an amazing 525watts motor, it has two speeds plus a pulse control that makes processing easy. The three S-shape stainless steel blades are perfect for chopping nuts or pureeing and mincing fruits and vegetables. The processor also comes with a reversible shredding/slicing disc which is perfect for slicing apples, cucumbers, mushrooms, potatoes, firm cheese, cabbages, and carrots. These blades and shredding disc make this processor versatile and can perform four task of shredding, crinkling, slicing, and fine shredding. In addition, the processor features a large feed chute when you can safely guide vegetables or block cheese into the working bowl. All the removable parts of this processor are dishwasher safe hence it’s very easy to clean the whole unit.

    • Easy to clean
    • Lightweight
    • Powerful motor
  • No Cons. Perfect Choice
  • 8. Cuisinart Elite Collection FP-12 12-Cup Food Processor

    Cuisinart Elite Collection FP-12 12-Cup Food Processor

    If you are looking for a heavy-duty processor, high-capacity, and ultra-powerful food processor then you will have to consider the Cuisinart Elite Collection FP-12. This is a superbly designed appliance that delivers excellent performance with a precision, versatility, and accessories to handle all task.

    The processor has to integrated work that gives you an ultimate versatility. The smaller 4-cup bowl gives you the freedom to work on the small task while the bigger 12-cup bowl lets you prepare foods of extra capacity. The feed tube is wide enough and can handle whole vegetables and fruits thereby reducing pre-cutting time. The sealtight cover and the exclusive bladelock system helps you maximize the bowls’ capacity and ensure no leakage thereby making cleanups quick and easy.

    This Elite processor gives 8 shredding and slicing options, you can slice fruits or vegetables from fine to medium thanks to the adjustable slicing disc which is also reversible. The operation is aided by the 1000-watts motor which at peak power helps you slice, shred, mix, slice, chop, or knead ingredients quickly. The processor is also very easy to use thanks to the e-touch control with pulse, off, and on buttons which feature a stylish blue LED lighting.

    The storage is also very easy thanks to the 10.75 by 11.25 by 16 inches dimension and the cord which can be conveniently wrapped and placed under the unit. if you want a reliable machine then this is the best processor.

    • 10-year motor warranty
    • Easy to use
    • Powerful motor
    • No spillage
  • Pricey
  • 9. BRAUN FP3020 Food Processor With The Coarse Slicing Insert Blade Bundle

    BRAUN FP3020 Food Processor With The Coarse Slicing Insert Blade Bundle

    Are you a passionate chef looking for a highly innovative food processor? One of the best food processors in the market is the Braun FP3020, this a cool breeze appliance in the kitchen. This fabulous mini food processor is designed to help you achieve you cooking wishes and desires easily. The processor comes with an extra attachment: Braun 7000490 coarse slicing insert which is perfect for getting vitamin boost.

    Bearing a powerful 600watts motor this processor will easily grind, chop, mince, and blend all your ingredients at lightning speed. At peak power, the motor is incredible and can deliver 900watts. The incredible performance of the motor is one of its fascinating features. The motor powers the motor to work easily on a variety of foodstuffs. The food processor will also impress you with the way it works quietly and above all it is very energy efficient.

    The 12-cup work bowl is made of BPA-FREE material and is highly durable. The bowl and all the other removable parts are dishwasher safe making it easy to clean the whole unit. Storage is also easy thanks to the compact design. The food processor is designed with the users’ safety in mind, for example, unless you close the lid properly the processor will not start.

    • Easy to assemble
    • Easy to clean
    • Preset speed function
    • Ultra-quiet performance
  • Limited slicing capacity
  • 10. Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor

    Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor

    This is one of the best food processor designed for the less budget conscious chefs. The Breville BFP800XL is created with the much-needed processing versatility to accommodate and work with many foods. The processor is designed with a die-hard metal base to eliminate any fear of toppling when processing foods. The processor is 11 by 18 by 8 inches in measurement which means it’s very space efficient.

    With direct drive motor 1200-Watts powering the stainless steel blades this processor is able to work a wide variety of ingredients easily. Moreover, there are 5 cutting discs and three blades which when coupled with the 24 settings provide many options for food preparation. The blades are S-shape and micro-serrated making the processor super strong and precise, enabling you to work on more difficult foods. the disc set includes; mini-blade used with the smaller bowl, a disc for cutting French fries, a julienne disc, a whisking disc, dough blade, and a disc for shredding. The settings make it easy to cut foods from as thin as 0.3mm to 8.0mm thick pieces.

    The processor comes with 2 bowl sizes, the mini 2.5cup, and the large 16 cup working bowl. This makes it easy to conveniently take on any task regardless of the portions size. Whether it’s kneading dough or blending soup for the whole family this processor will get the job done.

    • Silicone seal to prevent leakage
    • Feed chute with safety system
    • LCD display
    • Easy to clean
  • Noisy
  • Pricey
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    How to use your food processor safely?
    A food processor presents two potential hazards that need to be acknowledged. On the one hand, the processor is powered by an electrical current to drive the motor. On the other, the processor works by spinning sharp blades at devastating speed. Accordingly, you should make sure the housing is dry before connecting to the mains, and that your fingers are not wet when you touch the buttons. Because the power cable can easily melt on hot surfaces such as a hob, give the processor plenty of space so that you can see the cable. Processors with a less powerful motor also have a tendency to slow down or jam with some products, particularly vegetables such as carrots. When this happens, disconnect the unit and shake it gently. Force food into the bowl and you risk burning out the motor. Food processors cut down preparation times significantly, but that doesn’t mean you should take short cuts. If the processor does jam, never put your fingers or kitchen utensils into the bowl. Disconnect the processor instead, remove the lid and work any jam loose to free the blades. Finally, always run the processor with the lid on to prevent ingredients flying out, or objects such as rings or jewelry from falling in.

    What foods can I process?
    It’s one of the worst-kept culinary secrets. Even top chefs with great knife skills will keep a food processor in their kitchen. Nothing else comes close when it comes to dicing or chopping to give a uniform shape and size, all in a fraction of the time of even the best chiffonade work. Each food processor should come with a range of blades, from dough arms to thin-slicers, perfect for dauphinoise potatoes or even potato chips. Use your processor to make pates, sauces, salsas, hummus or pesto, with the option of finishing with a smooth or chunky texture. While it won’t mince or grind meat, the processor is perfect for turning chunks into rougher ground meat for burgers or meatballs. Using the dough attachment makes bread-making considerably easier, allowing you to get on with the next step instead of having to work and knead the dough ball with your own muscle power. Chefs also like processors because they take the drudgery out of the more mundane, routine kitchen preparation. Use it to dice onions, slice vegetables into a variety of thicknesses, or shred cabbage in a fraction of the time. While the food processor is fantastic for making purees or even homemade mayonnaise, it can be limited for making soups or smoothies. For the latter, a blender is a better option. One final consideration. Food processors can shred or thin-slice potato, but are no match for mashed potato. Instead of forming a smooth puree, the blades break down the starches in the potato to yield an unappetizing paste.

    How to clean your food processor?
    Perhaps one of the few complaints that can be leveled against a food processor is that no matter how much time you save in food preparation, the minutes are claimed back when it comes to cleaning. The bowl must be thoroughly washed after each use to clean the grooves and remove any odours. The best approach is to take advantage of the processor’s defining feature. Disconnect it from the power source first, rinse it once with water, then fill it no more than a third of the way with warm water and detergent. Replace the lid and reconnect it to the power, pulsing the liquid enough to create a mousse and sluice out any debris. Rinse the bowl once again under hot water to remove any traces of soap and leave it to dry upside down. If the processor was used to chop ingredients with a powerful aroma, such as onions or garlic, spices or herbs, you can remove any odours by filling it with cold water and a dash of vinegar or lemon juice. Most processor bowls can pass through the dishwasher, but be aware that high temperatures or detergents can degrade the plastic.

    What are the benefits of a food processor?
    Substitute a food processor for a knife or mandolin and you immediately remove any risk of injury, such as slicing the fingers or cutting yourself with a slipping blade. And you will be rewarded with vegetables or aromatics that are exactly the same shape, making it much easier to moderate cooking times. Even though some cooks find working through a pile of vegetables with a knife quite therapeutic, it can be an ordeal for people with sore joints or arthritis. Not so with a food processor, which can be loaded with minimal effort. Be aware that a food processor is not an automatic substitute for a blender. As mentioned previously, choose a blender for wet mixes, and a food processor for dry or raw ingredients. Not that some food processors aren’t great for making soups or smoothies, but most blenders are designed with a beaker rather than a bowl, making them perfect for pouring. By contrast, a blender cannot accomplish many of the tasks a processor can. Because it has a fixed blade at the base, it cannot slice, chop or dice and is really only appropriate for turning contents into a smooth puree.

    Should you buy a food processor or a mini chopper?
    Mini choppers are handy appliances for quickly taking care of grinding spice mixes or coffee beans or even chopping nuts, but with a limited capacity. Unlike food processors, they typically have a fixed blade and a sealed lid, rather than an aperture through which ingredients can be fed during processing. A food processor, on the other hand, should have two to three times the capacity of a mini chopper, large enough to tackle vegetables and meat. The opening allows you to feed in ingredients in phases, usually with the option of varying the blade speed.

    Food Processor Buying Guide

    The power or motor of a food processor is one of the parts to look out for in the device. The power determines to a large extent the amount of blending or slicing it can get done at a time. The motor is characterized in “hp” which is short for horsepower. The higher the horsepower, the larger the capacity of the motor, hence the more chores it can handle. The influence of the horsepower is usually evident at the base of the food processor, making it heavier in weight like the ones we have discussed above.The solid base also gives them good balance while in use.
    The bowl of a food processor determines how much ingredients or food it can accommodate for slicing. The bowl comes in different liters, and they vary depending on the brand of the food processor. Knowing the amount of food processing your device will be carrying out frequently will help you know the precise bowl your processor should have. A larger bowl means you can work in larger batches, but it might not be necessary if you would be processing smaller quantities of food frequently. Most food processor bowls are manufactured with poly carbonate plastic which is highly durable.
    The blades of a food processor are also determinants of the work the food processor can do as they carry out the primary slicing. Most standard food processors usually have blades that can be changed and used when needed. There are different blade sizes, the large blades are for slicing in bigger chunks, while the smaller blades are for finer cutting, and there are still other blade sizes which you can buy along with your processor for other types of slicing that can come in handy when the need arises. A significant advantage is that the blades of food processors can be sharpened when they get blunt, so you need not get worried over that.
    There are so many accessories that can be acquired along with a food processor, whatever function you think you need your processor to perform; there is an accessory that can get it done for you with ease. There are hoppers, blending jugs, bowls and much more. One of the most common accessories are the extra blades which also come in various sizes and have different serrations on them. If you are doing a lot of baking, then you can get a dough blade along with your processor.
    A food processor comes with lots of parts that are dissembled when it gets to the time for washing. Adding that with all the extra accessories of the processor gives you a lot of bits and pieces which should not be left lying around for your safety and the durability of the processor. You also do not want to spend your valuable cooking time searching for one missing part or the other. To avoid this, an extra storage compartment should be available for your food processor. This storage compartment can either be within the food processor,where the parts can be kept inside the food processor itself when you are done using it, or it can be stored in a separate place.


    A food processor is an integral part of our modern day to day livelihood. It can slice through even the thickest meat or fruits, giving you your desired result in less than half the time it would have taken if you had used a knife or a grater. You can also make your baby food using a best food processor. Nursing mothers who prefer to make their own healthier baby food instead of going for a store-bought product can easily take advantage of a food processor puree blade to puree apples, bananas, potatoes, carrots, etc. for their baby. So investing in a top grade food processor is definitely a plus for you and your family.

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