Bosch Universal Plus Food Processor, Mixer Review

Bosch Universal Plus Food ProcessorBosch has made a bold statement with the BoschUniversal Plus Food Processor. Unlike other food processors that are stand alone units, the Universal Food Processor is actually an attachment for their all in one utility, the Universal Plus Mixer. This design effectively saves money for the users, and gives them the ability to choose which attachments they need for their tasks, unlike other food processors that overwhelm buyers from the outset with a host of various tools that are otherwise left untouched if the user doesn’t know how to use them, or have no need of them. The Universal Plus Food Processor is a compact set attachment for Bosch’ mixer.

The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer and the Food Processor combo explained

The Universal Plus Food Processor attaches to the Universal Plus Mixer, an all in one unit designed by Bosch to accommodate various gear, depending on the need (such as blenders, meat grinders, and the Family Grain Mill). It’s an 800-watt powerful machine with up to 4 selectable speeds and a manual pulse control for easy fine tuning of the blend and quality of the mix. The electric motor has an overload and motor start protection for a layer of safety measure. The Universal Plus Food Processor, on the other hand, is a set coming with 3 different discs for slicing, shredding (coarse and fine) and grating, such as for potatoes and cheese, and a heavy-duty metal chopping blade that will make quick work of food and ingredients, no matter how tough or big; the combination of the discs and the chopping blade can slice, chop, blend, mix, and puree, and with the Universal Plus Mixer these abilities can be increased and enhanced as well. This augments the already powerful and versatile features of the Universal Plus Mixer, which can be ordered directly bundled with the Universal Plus Blender. The work bowl of the Universal Plus Food Processor work bowl is made out of durable, clear polycarbonate with up to 5 cups of capacity, and has a safety feature that will lock the operation of the Mixer, if the lid is not securely and properly fastened. Finally, the Universal Plus Mixer is backed by a 3 year limited warranty, comes with a recipe book, and if the Universal Plus Food Processor is attached, adds 2.2 pounds to the heft of the Mixer.

User reviews for the Bosch Universal Plus Food Processor

Bosch Food ProcessorBosch’s ingenious engineering design creates a very durable solution to most home necessities, and the Universal Plus Food Processor is no exception to this creative rule. Users cite that Bosch food processors can last years, with one attesting that their first food processor from Bosch nearly lasted for three decades. Though classified as a low end machine, the Universal Plus Food Processor magically becomes a high end machine when paired with the Universal Plus Mixer, with its capabilities amplified. The performance of the unit itself is also praised – the 800-watt motor of the Mixer drives the blades and the discs of the food processor to levels that would make food processing easy and convenient than most other processors, and the 5-cup capacity of the work bowl, though modest, is more than enough for most food articles. Users also note the sturdy construction of the food processor, even though it was just an attachment to a larger appliance. All in all a much recommended product, especially with its attractive price point.

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The Bosch Universal Plus Food Processor is a handy and convenient attachment to the Universal Plus Mixer, and though just a mere attachment, is actually a full featured product with a bevy of blades that are reminiscent of more expensive and stand alone food processors. This is a highly recommended product, and users are satisfied with its compactness and versatility.

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Bosch Universal Plus Food Processor, Mixer Review

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